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Available Payment Methods
Payment transfers may be completed by a variety of means. Below is a list of all of the payment methods available for making payments through CarDetection.com.

NetCommerce payment gateway provides complete, simple and secure online payment services with real time credit card transaction validation.
This enables the merchant's website to transact and accept payments online in real time.
Launched in 2002, cashU is the most popular internet payment solution in the Middle East and North Africa region. CashU is available in 19 countries. You can add credits to your cashU account using refill coupons and then use it on its network of affiliated merchants to make your payments. cashU is just like any other credit card, only much safer.
The new way to shop, play or pay online with cash. Get a Ukash voucher from thousands of convenient locations in the UK and across Europe then use the secure 19 digit Ukash number when you pay online. Spending Ukash is just like spending cash - it is safe, quick and easy. There is no registration and no hidden fees.
MoneyGram® International
MoneyGram® International Money Transfer is the fast, convenient and easy way to wire money. Through the MoneyGram international network of more than 55,000 agent locations worldwide, customers around the globe can send money at attractive prices to recipients in more than 155 countries. Funds usually arrive within 10 minutes, its 100% guaranteed, and it costs less than Western Union!
PayPal, an eBay Company, enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send payments online.
Bank Transfer
International customers can securely wire a payment directly to us from their bank. Customers around the world simply send their wire to another bank within their own country
PiC is a Virtual MasterCard issued by Fransabank and brought to you by GTS. PiC is a secure and convenient payment method accepted worldwide. Purchase it from your neighborhood store and start using it immediately.